About Us

Plasma International (Recruitment Services) Ltd is a specialist talent acquisition firm operating within the global e-mobility and energy storage markets.

Bringing together more than 25 year’s experience, we aspire to be experts in our field allowing us to consult on market insights and provide the most relevant advice to both our clients and our candidates.

Core Values


Every element of our organization strives for excellence. We succeed professionally and personally by driving ourselves to meet this level.


We care deeply for our clients, the services we offer, and the people who work for us. Our enthusiasm demonstrates that we believe in ourselves and are confident in our abilities.


Seeking new and better ways to do things is what creativity is all about. It is implementing emerging technology, communication methods, and process improvements.


We have solid values and are honest and trustworthy. We behave consistently and treat our customers and coworkers with respect. We just make promises that we know we will keep.


Plasma is concerned about our clients, staff, the world, and the society. Plasma stands out from the crowd because of the care we put into our work, our willingness to produce results, and the difference we can make.

Plasma International Logo

Working closely as a talent acquisition partner, we act as an extension to corporate HR functions to ensure an effective and efficient recruitment and onboarding process.

Offering retained search, exclusive and contingency talent acquisition services focused on permanent solutions, our goal is clear, to be a trusted partner of choice for C-Suite, Engineering, Operations, Sales and Commercial recruitment within the e-mobility and energy storage space.

At Plasma, we aim to build an everlasting partnership, being refreshingly open and honest rather than abiding to the usual transactional recruitment approach. To do this, we always believe in being 100% transparent as well as delivering sound consultation throughout the process.

By adapting out structured search approach and leaving no stone unturned to find the right individual, we are able to provide a focussed shortlist of committed candidates for each assignment we take on.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how Plasma International can assist your business in securing the very best talent for your team or how we can identify the opportunity for you to take your career to the next level