Energy Storage

Sectors across energy storage that Plasma cover

Energy storage represents one of the most electrifying industrial advancements we’ve ever experienced. It’s no surprise that competition for talent is fierce.

Our specialist recruitment team taps into an exclusive and scrupulous global network to find candidates with highly specialised expertise and a powerful passion.

From specialist engineering to commercial excellence, Plasma unites brilliant, motivated professionals with the organisations who need them.

Sectors we cover:

  • Motive power
  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Speciality and ESS
  • Solar
  • Grid edge

Forging a new energy ecosystem for a truly renewable future

Representing much of the world’s hopes for the decarbonization of the energy industry, reliable energy storage is the key to a successful global movement towards renewable energy.

To say that the energy storage sector is experiencing exponential growth is an understatement. From developing cutting-edge Li-Ion battery solutions to championing grid edge technology, organizations will be competing against a market growth rate of 700% in the next five years.

It goes without saying that every organization, whatever their subsector, needs the very best in leadership, technical specialism, and commercial and logistics expertise to ride this wave.

An aligned sense of purpose with Plasma

When we’re seeking out and distilling a shortlist of the very best talent, we ask candidates what fuels them. What is it about this sector that attracts them?

Nine times out of ten, they’ll tell us that it’s that they believe in what they’re doing in energy storage. They want to be part of an organisation that is solving today’s problems for the sake of a better tomorrow.

It’s part of their purpose, and it’s ours too. We want to use our skills, experience, and global network to ensure the very best people can connect with the organisations who need them.

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