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Why recruit with Plasma?

Partner with Plasma to ensure first exposure to sought-after technical professionals.

You need candidates who are proven tech experts, aligned with your organisation’s future goals, and fully engaged with your decision making process.

As genuine industry specialists who know our HV from our LV and Li-Ion from Li-metals, we understand your every technical requirement and balance them with personal culture “musts” like vision, collaboration, and drive.

When we say we use an international network to identify and head-hunt technical talent, we mean it. We don’t dilute or over-stretch our network – we are laser-focused on cultivating connections within select sectors .

With technical and research positions, we know that time is of the essence. We work swiftly to submit the very best candidates from our carefully collated short-list, supporting you throughout your decision-making and beyond.

With our technically rigorous and time-sensitive selection process, we aim to secure precisely the right R&D and engineering talent for your organisation.

In rapidly expanding, highly competitive industries, securing the best technical talent is a matter of urgency

The calibre of an organisation’s engineering and Research & Development staff completely defines its trajectory.

A well-resourced, integrative and highly motivated team of R&D and engineering professionals can transmit industry-defining concepts out of modelling programmes and into the real world.

But when you’re operating in high-stakes, cutting-edge sectors like energy storage or e-transport, you not only need the top technical minds – you need them yesterday.

It can be incredibly challenging to attract and secure emerging and highly-sought-after tech talent, especially in sectors experiencing exponential growth.

You don’t just want someone who’s “worked in energy”; you need candidates who are experts in battery cell and pack development, who live and breath EV and HEV batteries, who wrote the book on battery management systems, or who know all there is to know about charging infrastructure.

In terms of recruitment, only tapping into networks rich enough with highly specialised expertise can answer the narrowest of job specs.

Engineering and Research & Development roles Plasma recruits for

We recruit a diverse range of specialist technical expertise, uniting the very best candidates with the organisations who need them.

Specialisms we successfully recruit candidates for and place include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Battery Cell Development
  • Functional Safety
  • Quality Engineering
  • Technical Project and Program Management


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