Commercial & Supply Chain

Why recruit with Plasma?

Benefit from specialist, dedicated talent acquisition for roles that dictate the impact, longevity, and commercial success of your organisation.

To secure the best senior commercial and supply chain professionals, you need candidates who excel in your expectations in terms of experience and resonate with your organization’s goals and ethos.

Before we mobilize our global search, we work with you to understand your business objectives, what you need from your candidates, and how they might alleviate your pain points.

As genuine industry specialists, we appreciate that you’re looking for a powerful balance of technical merit, professional excellence, innate drive, and passionate enthusiasm for the role.

When we say we use an international network to identify and head-hunt commercial leadership talent, we mean it. We don’t dilute our network or undermine our search because we are laser-focused on cultivating connections within select sectors.

From our short-list, we will submit the very best candidates, ensuring they are fully signed up to your decision-making process at every step. Plasma will support you throughout the search, appointment, and beyond.

With our rigorous selection process and specialist insight, we aim to secure precisely the right commercial and supply-chain expertise for your organization.

Whether you’re accelerating towards sector success or keeping your foot on the pedal to maintain a market lead, “people power” is the fuel of choice

Any organisation is only as good as the people that populate it.

We understand that whatever future-facing sector you’re operating in, without highly motivated, exceptionally skilled and fully aligned staff driving the business, tomorrow’s technology gets left in the drafts folder.

Without the drive and critical incite of the highest calibre business, marketing, and sales leadership, your products may fail to reach the client and revenue generation will stall.

You need supply chain and logistics specialists who are experts in optimization, overhead reduction, time management, and system performance.

And no business can survive exponential growth without a well-orientated, knowledgeable and perfectly appointed team of human resource and talent professionals.

Crucially, your perfect candidate must know how to wield their significant powers within your exact sector.

Why search for the “best in the business” when we can find the best in your business?

Commercial and Supply Chain roles Plasma recruits for

We recruit experienced, specialist talent across commercial and supply chain, placing ideal candidates with the organisations who both need and deserve the very best.

We successfully recruit for and place candidates in roles within:

  • Sales management and leadership
  • Account management
  • Business development
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources and talent acquisition


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