I am writing this letter of recommendation for Liam. I am so grateful for the way he helped me to get me into my current position.


When I came in contact with Liam, I was just moved to Michigan due to family reason and I was looking for a job within the battery industry.


Liam was there to help me find my best avenue moving forward. He got me interviews with his client within a week and he was a great help to work with me and the HR function to get me this opportunity. I am now happily employed as an Application Engineer and have Liam entirely to thank.


I recommend him wholeheartedly for anyone who is seeking help finding their own career path.

It is staff that make a company great and that's very much the case here!


Thanks to Liam Boden, I am currently in my dream job and I can't thank him enough! Liam initially contacted me regarding a job opportunity in the automotive sector, in which I was interested from the off.


Liam was super professional, friendly and informative throughout the entire process. He guided me though every step of the way and kept me in the loop the entire time which eventually led to a job offer that I accepted. 5/5 Stars!


Liam was at all times very attentive, he followed the process very closely, giving me feedback at every stage and imbuing me with confidence.


After I was successfully hired for the new role, several weeks later I got a call from him asking how I was doing, if I was happy with the new role. That was the first time a recruiter showed so much interest and care. I found it very professional and sincere.


Thus, I gladly wrote this testimonial to try to convey my very positive impressions of my experience with Liam.

Will is doing an outstanding job by helping and supporting people into a new career and he is, with his profound knowledge, the right person to contact if a company wants to fulfil a vacancy.


Will's professional work is a real help in matching position with people. I highly recommend contacting him if you are looking for a change or if you want to hire the right person for an open position

Over the last 10 years I have worked with a number of consultants and agencies while seeking employment opportunities. During those years, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Will on a number of occasions and not only has Will successfully found me roles that met my expectations, he has ensured my expectations were exceeded.


Will is exceptionally professional but in Will, I feel I have a friend looking after my interests and it's no surprise he is now running his own consultancy


I would recommend Will Boden to anyone looking to find employment opportunities.

It is a great pleasure to know Will.


He is quite a jolly fellow and very friendly. Will listens and understands specific needs of his client and ever willing to offer useful advise. He is an experienced and trusted professional. I recommend him to anyone that mayr equire his services

Will was professional in his approach and had in depth knowledge of the role he recommended me for.


He made suggestions for help with my CV and helped me prepare for the the selection process, throughout he communicated and kept me informed of what was happening and eventually I was selected for the role and accepted.

I was very fortunate to work with Liam for to fill an open position he was sourcing.


Liam proved to be understandable of the engineering business and its constraints and provided support at all stages of the process in order to provide the best outcome for all parties.

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